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As a member asked about using potassium bicarbonate for spray in flower, with my personal experience that’s all I use in flower to combat pm as me and my family have a long history of outdoor cultivation. I’ve found it works very well to stop it dead in it’s tracks with no bad side effects to anything. I spray it up to days before harvest. I aim for the leaves and try to avoid the bud, but if pm reached your bud you should have been more adamant about your ipm. I find it doesn’t harm trichs, does not have an impact on flavor or smoke or quality of my finished harvest. Hope this helps someone save a crop. Best way to beat anything is having a good PREVENTIVE plan. Also anyone looking for potassium bicarbonate can be found on Amazon. I use pharmaceutical/food grade only. I’ve attached a photo for reference ✌🏼 much love Marty McFried