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Even before I started growing in Promix, I could find little information about it online. This includes their website and YouTube channel. I’m talking about their HP CC blend to be exact. Every Google search led to another forum where the same questions went unanswered.

I got ahold of someone off their cannabis Instagram account and they got back to me less than 24 hours later. I just wanted to share what information I was given. Hope this helps anyone looking like i was.

“Pro-Mix is a soilless media, but keep in mind it is already been premixed with calcitic and dolomitic lime and a starter fertilizer charge.

For peat based media like Pro-Mix HP CC,  that added lime means it’s already pH adjusted.  There’s enough lime added to maintain the pH at 5.8 to 6.2. Use fertilizers as recommended, but you don’t need to adjust the pH of the water for the growing media.  Unless you have a very acidic water or hard well water, then you might need to treat your water so that it doesn’t cause an interaction with your fertilizer.

It would be advised to measure the pH in the growing media  1 or 2 weeks after transplantation. Take 1 volume of soilless mix in the pot, dilute in 2 volumes of water (deionized or distilled water) and mix.  Let sit 20 minutes, stir the slurry, and then measure the pH directly in the slurry. Be sure the pH meter is calibrated.”

Happy growing and stay high my friends