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Hey guys, Hope everyone is staying safe and getting there grows on point! I wanted to share my thought and tips on radicle bags by Garden gear supply. I have been using the bags for about a year now and this is another must have in your grow whether indoor or out, Veggies or Cannabis.. I picked up 6 tomato cuttings to plant outdoor and put 3x in a 5 gallon radicle and 3x next to it in some fresh bought soil. well to no surprise the ones in the radicle bag outgrew them within the first week after transplant. As for the cannabis, I use mainly 3 gallons and a 1 gallon here and there to play around with and practice LST. To point out, I do grow in coco with some perlite and that with these bags is a recipe for some fast growing cannabis. I grow autoflowers so they are already fastish growing, but the autos i am able to produce out these bags with just some Recharge and Advanced Nutrients Perfect Sensi, Big bud, Overdrive and Nirvana. that’s about it..
So as a tip and another reason I would recommend these bags to everyone is that the holes and material is strong enough to thread some wire through and perform some LST with out having clips or anything.Once the harvest is done the roots easily come out if you let it dry and then a quick rinse and you are golden to start again. The holes are about the size of the back of a trucker hat, if you haven’t used or seen one before. I don’t get much media loss from the holes, but other than maybe the first time filling. I know Dude and the guys talk about these bags but if you haven’t tried them yet. You’re cutting yourself short.