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I’m a Vermont medical grower and a long time listener here since Ep. #11 and haven’t missed a DGC podcast yet.  Keep ’em coming please…

Scottie’s Wake-n-Bake titled, “Wake & Bake America Root Aphids vs. Fungus Gnats”, was one the most useful and helpful videos in a long time.  I too had been wondering why I could not control fungus gnats during our long cold Vermont winters, even while using BT as a preventative. As Growguru mentioned, I too had been confusing the sticky cards bugs as gnats, when in reality they were the dreaded root aphids.

Those RA’s has been giving me a hard time now for months…. very difficult to keep them under control.

But Growguru mentioned a root aphid prevention product that comes mixed with rice hulls which is added into soil/coco when transplanting. The product acts as a time release to keep those bad boys under control for quite a while.

This is something I really need to take for a test ride… what is the name of this product and how can I get some?