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Whats up DGC!? So I recently tried LST for the first time on a normal photo-period Purple Starkiller that’s about 2.5 months old and still in veg. I wanted to try one of the grow hacks I saw you guys talking about using binder clips on the side of a fabric pot to provide an anchor point.

I successful bent a large branch over and tied it. When I moved on to the second branch, it almost instantly snapped and was only connected by a few fibers on the bottom. I freaked out and yelled to the wife, “Tape, I need tape!” She came back about 20 seconds later with a roll of scotch tape. As i reached for the tape, still holding the broken branch in my hand, my arm came in contact with the first branch that I bent and it snapped as well, exactly like the first.

I used the scotch tape and wrapped it around the main stalk, bringing the branch back in contact with where it had broken off. I didn’t wrap the “wound” persay, just used the tape to apply enough pressure to place it back where it was. I did this for both branches. Defeated and down, we made a pipe offering to the cannabis gods and called it a night.

It’s now been 3 days since the accident and I’m happy to report that both branches look great. One had been topped that same night so I was really worried about the doubling of stress but not a single leaf even wilted. The tape is still holding and from what I’ve read, I should leave it on for at least 3 weeks to a month. So here’s my question to the DGC, can I leave the tape on for the remainder of the grow or is going to inhibit growth and possibly cut off nutrients to the branches? I’d rather not remove it as I fear the branches might snap again at some point in flower.