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Hey all, first off great show! Gets me through my day. I was wondering if anyone out in DGC land had some tips on a sub irrigated planter/hempy.

My current set up Is 2 bags of roots organic soil, top dressed twice and fed lots of mammoth p + recharge. I am under a luminus gen 4 cob @100 watts in 3500k temp. I gave it too much nitrogen, and plan on starting over as soon as both the photo and auto finish. Watering has been my biggest hang up, generally just not enough to soak the whole pot @1 gallon, but a little run off @ 2.5 gallons now that I stepped it up. But as I’m on carpet controlling run off is a huge deal to me right now. A SIP with a single drain hole is really appealing to me.

My thought is to mix another batch. This time coco and geoflora nutes for my base, with a 1/3 aeration and 1/3 compost. Fill the bottom 4 inches with grow stone and perlite, with a hole 3″s from the bottom hempy style and a single drain hole I can run a tube from to a decent bucket for catching overflow on watering. I plane to use a PVC pipe to the bottom for filling.  I plan to plant 3 autos in the bed, from peat plugs and will top dress and water as necessary. Does anyone see anything wrong with this idea?

My main concerns are the few inches of water go bad, there wont be enough oxygen in the root zone, and top dressing might not be as effective.

Thanks for the help, much love, Mr.Evergreen. ( included is a pic of current low budget setup.)