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Greetings DGC,

Roll one up and thank you in advance for your help on such a lengthy post. I was  recently gifted a homebox 120l 4×8 tent (https://www.hawthornegc.com/shop/product/growlab#) and an 8 inch ac infinity fan. (https://www.acinfinity.com/hvac-home-ventilation/inline-duct-fan-systems/cloudline-t8-quiet-inline-duct-fan-system-with-temperature-and-humidity-controller-8-inch/)

I am planning out the ultimate automated system that I can control all aspects of the environment from my phone. I will be creating a drip system with the aqua x and a little giant pump. The Median will be coco perlite mix. I plan to use house and garden aqua flakes base and advanced nutrients products mainly. The system will be drain to waste using a pump w/float valve so no water stays inside the tent. Passive intake, exhaust fan with carbon filter inside the tent. Plants Will be scroged twice during flowering. I think I will be getting the following items. 3×6 tray lifted 6″ off the ground connected to poly tubing for drain to waste.

AC- LG Portable AC (https://www.lg.com/us/air-conditioners/lg-LP1419IVSM-portable-air-conditioner)

Dehum – I already own this dehum I may upgrade in the future (https://www.amazon.com/hOmeLabs-Energy-Dehumidifier-Medium-Basements/dp/B073V9MG3Y)

Humidifier-  Standalone Humidifier I was going to opt for the horticat u80 (http://horticat.com/product/u80/)  so I don’t have to refill with water but I have been told they break a lot if you do not have an RO system and the grow shop in my area offers lifetime warranty on the following standalone humidifier.

X Trimmer

Lights- 2 HGL Scorpion RSpec (https://horticulturelightinggroup.com/products/hlg-scorpion-rspec)

Side note – would this be overkill? These lights do dim by themselves and with Trolmaster however, is there a way I can calculate the perfect amount of power these lights should be running at? This tent will be for flowering only. I am very interested in the Trolmaster hydro x system, but also very confused. If I purchased the trolmaster would I be able to control all of the equipment above through it so that the environment would be automated? If so do I need all of the other items Trolmaster sells other than the plug looking device stations such as Humidistat, Ac remote station, thermostat station.

1. https://growershouse.com/thermostat-station-for-hydro-x-ts-2

2. https://growershouse.com/trolmaster-hydro-x-ac-controller-ars-1

3. https://growershouse.com/trolmaster-humidistat-station-for-hydro-x-hs-1

4. https://growershouse.com/trolmaster-dsh-1-humidity-device-station

Would these stations even work with the equipment I have selected above? If anyone is a Master of Trolmaster please let me know what I should be buying. Please let me know your thoughts and if I should make any changes in order to optimize the system. I would love to make this as clean and automatic as possible. Thank you again for taking the time out of your day to help me out. Peace and Love