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What up Dude, Scotty, Guru and DGC!  I appreciate you guys featuring my last post about natural PGRs on the last grow talk! Thank you for the feedback!

Today I have a more depressing question…  For the past few weeks I’ve been noticing some weird leaf discoloration on a couple of my plants and have been stumped at what is causing it.  Their growth seems to be relatively normal (Except for one of them but I was leaning towards genetic factors), but the plants don’t look great. Unfortunately I didn’t pay close enough attention to the order that I noticed these symptoms on the plants because I never would have guessed that it was spreading between them. Now I fear that is the case and am terrified that it will be contracted by all 9 of my plants.

This morning I was watching the latest episode of Mr Canuck’s Grow (you guys should have him on the show) and he was saying that one of his plants contracted Tobacco Mosaic Virus in flower. I looked it up and read the article from growweedeasy.com and I’ll be damned, that looks JUST like my plants! The main symptom is the weird leaf coloration but there are also some leaves that are sort of twisty and mutated looking. I just thought it was bad genetics because those plants are the Corleone that came from a friend that had his crop hermaphrodite. Another symptom that I’ve read about is purpling stems which most of my plants have but could also be genetic or have another cause.

On a couple of the plants that aren’t showing those symptoms, they have some holes in the leaves. I’ve scoped all over but haven’t seen anything that looks like mites. There are some brown specks that look like coco and some white stuff (in the picture) that I think is probably great white because I just transplanted them yesterday and dusted the roots with GW.

I’m pulling my hair out over here, what do you think guys?  Am I fucked? Whats the best course of action aside from getting rid of the affected plants immediately and hoping for the best?

Thanks dudes, much love

Frosty Mitten