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What going on DGC? Last grow I ran some White O.G. (unknown breeder) and Slurricane #7 from In House Genetics. I ran them both to 11 weeks which was a bit too late. I also started an 11/13 light to dark cycle at around week 7 of flower. I was trying to mimic nature without reading about what it was really doing. I did love my results though! The colors and phenotype expressions were amazing. The White O.G. was especially terpy! The Slurricane unfortunately lost its aroma at about 3 days into drying, and I’m pretty sure it started dissipating prior to harvest. She either went to late or she dried too fast. Probably a combination.

I’ve done quite a bit of reading on this subject of 11/13 and it’s kind of giving me some clues to how and why my grow turned out the way it did last year. There were definitely some pros and cons from how I implemented the light change

This go around I’m running all the same strain, Gorilla Zkittlez from Barney’s Farm. I’m at the point in flower where I’m weaning them down from nutrients. I’m starting week 8 (day 50) and they are a 56-63 day strain. My plants are much healthier this time around and I really want to bring out those colors and traits again.

At this point in the game I’m not worried about losing bud mass. I’m more concerned with taste and quality. Is now the time to experiment again? I mean… I think I’m going to do it regardless lol. I would just love to know what the DGC peeps got on the subject.

P.S. Featured image: Slurricane

1st and 2nd pic: White O.G.

4th pic: Gorilla Zkittlez