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How we all doin here in the DGC lands ? First off, I’d like to take a few minutes and give y’all a lil bit of my appreciation by saying thanks to all  not  only for all the diverse information, the time and dedications y’all give to the people but for actually being decent humans and genuinely caring for the folks down here in prohibition land and helping growers mount up with the tools needed for success. Scotty, Guru, Dude and whoever  else involved with the task deserve more than an award y’all are truly great… My question, it’s came time to flush out my girls. Now what I did was place my pots on top of  empty 5 gal buckets so I could collect the large amounts of water after it passes through my media. Is this run off water okay to use on other plants? Seems like this would be a great source of water carrying a lil something somethin (nutes, beneficial microlife) long as it didn’t stag out. Can y’all shed some light on this plz and thank you