Back long ago I remembered hearing something about flushing with cal-mag from a old time grower that I knew at the time had a lot of knowledge for growing our beautiful flowers we love to medicate with.. so I know flushing has been kinda debunked now a days because as we have learned more about growing but flushing actually means many different things to a lot of people most it means running straight water for the last few weeks before harvest but as my growing continues I try to learn as much as I possibly can because i really enjoy smoking the best flowers i can but I was lucky enough to have a job for 12 years that I could drive around and watch YouTube or listen to podcasts all day long for 10 to 11 hrs a day so I’ve spent the last 5 years since I started growing studying literally anything I can about growing I will listen to lectures about things that I know for a fact I won’t ever deal with just to try to just as much information from all aspects I can but I’ve recently started studying more on calcium in cannabis and from what I’ve gathered and took from listening to others and checking as much info as I can about it but so its been said many times that calcium is king which ive pretty much always been told from day one that’s why the term just add calmag to it to fix it is so widely said by everyone joking or not it in reality it is almost always a good thing to add to your watering so for the longest time I did just that no rhyme or reason I just added cal-mag to every water pretty much for awhile just tell I started to get down to the last few weeks when I would switch to water only well after running a few different nutrient lines I come to realize alot of these guys want us to push nutrients pretty much tell harvest some even all the way tell harvest so awhile back I decided to do my own study on why we would flush or run plain water the last few weeks tell harvest and best I could come up with is flushing is something someone started doing when we they recommended to much nutrients to plants in the first place because only with cannabis for some reason did someone somewhere decide to baby a plant more then we would baby any other plant we grow but out of all plants let’s cut the food off to this particular one for absolutely no reason? And other ways of growing anything would have u feed them tell the day of harvest but why this plant out of all the plants why would this plant just not want food like all others do? It didn’t make since to me so I dug further I also understood before I looked into it more that I know the plants do not eat what we put into them they are not just eating nitrogen phosphorus and potassium and all other essential nutrients and they are all stored up inside the plant and when we smoke it we can taste the nutrients it just doesn’t work that way but what I’ve seen they are doing this whole time is use calcium to build cell walls the whole time so instead of push P.. pushing potassium as hard in flower which from what I’ve gathered potassium actually just makes the plants take up more water so u get more water weight which is a good reason why if when u grow some big nice fat buds and hang them to dry they come out and 1/4 of the size they went into dry but since I started using nectar for the gods calcium additives now to flush with adding a few different forms of calcium my flowers have been night and day difference now when they dry they are almost the same size as when I put them in to dry what’s everyone else’s thoughts on pushing calcium tell harvest? I’ve also noticed I no longer have to support branches on my plants and they branches are much stronger as well